Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Work Continues!

Work continues in the studio, and I'm still on schedule for a September 1st grand opening.    The photo is a little deceiving as it makes the wall look smaller, I think, than it really is.  The floor has yet to be added.  

Behind the wall is the storage area for all of the extra gear and yes...fur coats for my life as a teddy bear maker.  I won't give up the bears entirely,  but I will no longer take any custom orders.  I'll just be making some for relaxation to sell and give away.    There will also be a small office and costumes in the storage area for specialty shoots.

The shelving units will be installed next.  Speaking of specialty photo shoots ... over  the summer I will be shooting several themes as well as head shots to build my portfolio.    I am looking for local models who are willing to work for 2-3 hours in the studio or on location. This work will be paid, and all work is 'family friendly.'  If you're under 18, your parents are welcome to attend the shoot.   Dance, urban  and fairy tale are the themes that are up for grabs.  Interested?   Email me via the contact form on  the site at or call me at the contact number on the site.    I am looking for local  male and female models with varying skin tones, ages and ethnicity for the head shots.

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