Monday, October 1, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Photo Book Competition

Enter between October 2 and October 27, 2012

Enter to win great prizes and have an amazing time at your own dance photo session.
Then see yourself published in our special edition photo book!

With Christmas just around the corner ... we're celebrating early with a seasonal project that's fun for everyone! Digital Portrait Artist Nancy Tillberg will be producing a photo book, based on the 12 days of Christmas. Each of the 12 days will be represented by a different dance photo. Dancers are invited to enter the competition in order to secure a spot as one of the 12 local dancers or groups of dancers.

Open to all dancers in Thunder Bay and the surrounding area, ages 3 -101 in all genres of dance.
Submit an email answering the questions below, along with an attached head shot photo to

Alternatively, you can save, fill out, scan and email the attached entry form, along with a head shot photo.
OR...use snail mail. Print the form, write your entry and email it along with a head shot photo to:

Shine Photo Studio
c/o N. Tillberg
220 South High Street
Thunder Bay ON
P7B 3K7

All Entries must include the following:

Attach a head shot photo to the email. Add the following info to the email ...
City, Province and Postal Code:

For Entrants Under the age of 18 please also include:
Parent or Guardian's Name:

(10 points)
(If entering a group, please include the above information for each member of the group. The questions below need only be answered once.)

These questions must be answered by the entrant. Parents or guardians may assist very young entrants.

Question 1. What is your favorite thing about Christmas? (5 points)
Question 2. Why would you like to be included in the 12 Days of Christmas book project? (5 points)
Question 3. Why do you love to dance and what is your dance experience? (5 points)

Total of 25 points.

Earn Bonus Points By:
Liking us on Facebook! (5 points) If you already like Shine, just let us know on your entry and we'll add the 5 points.
Sharing the Shine Photo Studio 12 Days Competition announcement on Facebook a maximum of 3 times. (2 bonus points for each share to a maximum of 6 points. )

12 Days of Christmas Book Participant Winners

The high score entry each day will be announced the following day and the head shot photo will be placed in the album of participants on Facebook. Winners will be contacted by email or phone to arrange the photo shoot for the 12 days book project. All photo shoots will take place between October 15 and November 15.

Book Participant Winners will also receive:
  • Choice of 8X10 or 5X7 photo as it appears in the book.
  • Facebook Timeline with photos from the session.
  • Entry into the random prize draws.
  • One copy of the book when it is released in December.


12 Days of Random Draw Prizes:

We've got 12 Days of Great Random Prizes too! Thanks to our community partners, we'll be drawing one prize for 12 days beginning on October 28th. Every one who enters the contest will be eligible for one of these prizes. No purchase is necessary. We'll announce the winner each day on Facebook.
Prizes include:
  • $495.00 Photo Session at Shine Photo Studio. Winner may choose from Family, Maternity, High Fashion High School Senior, Glamour or Dance Package. This includes sitting fee and photo package.
  • $100.00 Prize Package from Elegant Impressions. Check out this great convertible bag. Goes from a small purse to a full gym bag ... and it's full of goodies compliments of Cathy at Elegant Impressions.
  • $50.00 Gift Certificate from Flair Athletics. Perfect for the dancer, skater or gymnast in the family!
  • $50.00 Gift Certificate from Lux Boutique. Have you SEEN their gowns and casual wear? FABULOUS!
  • $50.00 Gift Certificate from Discount Dance Supplies. All your dance needs under one roof!

Additional Rules:

1. Single participants, pairs, trios and groups are welcome to enter, however each group of two or more constitutes a single entry. Each member of a winning group will receive a photo, but only one book per entry will be delivered to the individual acting on behalf of the group. (by submitting the email or signing the form.) This individual is also responsible for ensuring that all members of the group agree to have their headshot appear on Facebook.
2. Parent name and contact Info must accompany all entries of persons under the age of 18.
3. Enter between October 2 and October 27th. We will begin posting winners on October 15th.
4. Only one random prize can be won by any single person.
5. All members of a group entry will be entered into the random prize draws.
6. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to the studio in Thunder Bay, should they be travelling from out of town for a photo session.
7. No purchase is necessary. Additional photo purchases from a session are optional.
8. By submitting an entry form, the entrant agrees to have their submitted photo placed in the album on Facebook should they be selected.
9. Entrants can check the Facebook page each day to see who the participants will be.
10. Decisions regarding the participants are based on high scores and suitability and are final.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Studio Construction Update

Wow...has it been HOT in the studio.   Work continues to progress, but the heat prompted me to buy a portable air conditioning unit to keep everyone working in there comfortable.  Works like a charm!

This past month we had Superior Electric in to upgrade the room's electrical and to give us more outlets for plugging in all those strobes, and curling irons, and the fridge etc etc.

Seems we're just a little behind the goal of opening on Sept 1st, and the end of September is looking more realistic.   Final taping and sanding has been done on the walls, and we're now ready to paint.  The shelving is up in our storage area, and all our supplies are neatly tucked away, giving the room a much airier feel.

Here are a few recent photos of the progress:

Here is the tree of life. This was painted by church youth when the room served as a Youth Meeting Room.  I really  liked this painting and contemplated keeping it, but alas, it too will be painted over soon.

Two views of the room:
This one is of the cyc wall. All that junk piled up against the corner:  All gone. Now neatly put away or trashed.
View of the studio entry and the divider wall  between the shooting area and the makeup stations.  This wall will also serve as a backdrop when completed.

More to come next week, with a major transformation!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Night Falling ... Art Auction

On August 25th, the Thunder Bay Armoury and Willow Springs Creative Center will sponsor "Night Falling,"  a silent auction to raise the awareness of domestic violence in our community and to raise money for Victim Services. These great people are committed to compassionate, reliable victim centered services and care.  Works of art relate to domestic violence either negatively or positively and portray bringing the light out of the darkness.  These pieces will be BOLD and FIERCE!

So, with this theme in mind, last night we loaded up the van and drove over to Westfort for a photo shoot between rain showers.  It didn't look good for taking pictures, but at the last minute we decided to go for it.

This shoot was done with a minimal amount of gear, as my stuff was in my car, and my son had my car.  Hence there was a lot of improvisation done on the fly, including using the back of a big 'For Sale' sign as a reflector.

I had noticed this crazy, rusty antique sign in a back lane several months ago. It's an ad for Exquisite Form Lingerie.  The sign is all beat up, rusty and get this...had bullet holes in it.   It screamed 'perfect backdrop' for a strong young women choosing to be her own heroine.   The entire photo has a retro feel, but this could be any woman, in any time.   As the quote says, "Above all else, be the heroine of your own life."

This photo piece, entitled 'Empowered,'  will be available as a 16 X 20 metal print at the auction.  If you're attending, please bid generously for this great cause!

Thanks to Hannah Kranenburg for modelling for this photo, and thank you to Gary Walker of Mechanix Small Engine Repair for allowing us to shoot this piece at his business premises. Opening night for the art show is August 25 at 7 pm at the Thunder bay Armoury. Also sponsored by Willow Springs Creative Center.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In Honor of the Olympics

In honor of the Olympic Games,   I headed out to the Giant Gymnastics Club in Thunder Bay last Tuesday.  The model for my picture is Cassie Samec, a fabulous gymnast.  I also want to thank Jenn Nedgial for allowing us to use the facilities for this shoot.   
The photo of Cassie has been entered into Behind the Shutter Magazine's summer photo competition. The competition rules are that the photo must include three items: light, metal and the color red.   We captured all three with some hard light shining on the fire engine red hair and gym suit. The fiberglass rails of the bars are supported by red metal and silver metal brackets.  
Behind it all is Hurley ProBoard.   I LOVE this product and plan on using it for many of my future photos. The white side is beautiful in the studio when used with a white background for a reflective quality in dance photos.   The product is the first in a line of pro accessories from world renowned head shot photographer Peter Hurley in New York City.   It's maybe best described as a flexible plexi-glass panel that's a highly reflective white on one side and a semi reflective black on the other.  We used the black side to reflect the metal from the bars and to really make the chalk cloud from Cassie's hands pop.

To vote for this photo in the competition, please go to    Click on the word VOTE and then vote for my photo, entitled 'Gold.'   It's on the first page (yay!) of 12, near the bottom.   A long way to go to reach the top,  but that's ok.  Your votes are most appreciated!

 Cassie On Bars:

Behind the scenes in the gym  with the setup and the Hurley ProBoard.

Congrats to the Canadian women's gymnastics team for qualifying in the overall competition for the first time in Olympic history!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Dance America Junior National Ballet Champion!

Back in April I had the privilege of photographing Jen.  She required a head shot for the brochure for the Dance America National Finals in Florida, which took place during the first week of July.

I'd like to offer Jen a huge congratulations on being crowned the Junior National Ballet Champion!   You GO GIRL!    Big congrats as well to her teacher, Laura McRury, the owner and artistic director at International Dance Academy.  

We have so much talent in this city, it just got to make you proud to live in Thunder Bay! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Head Shots

Two weeks ago Angelica and Sam visited the studio for a head shot session.  Thank you both so much for your patience with the construction site!   I know it was hot and dusty, but you were both AMAZING!

Here are a few of the images from that shoot:

The dance composite printed up to 4 feet wide.   Sam's DJ photo was printed onto Aluminum metallic paper which gives it stunning depth and shine.

Speaking of specialty photo shoots ... over  the summer I will be shooting several themes as well as head shots to build my portfolio.    I am looking for local models who are willing to work for 2-3 hours in the studio or on location. This work will be paid, and all work is 'family friendly.'  If you're under 18, your parents are welcome to attend the shoot.   Dance, urban, steampunk and fairy tale are the themes that are up for grabs.  Interested?   Email me via the contact form on  the site at or call me at the contact number on the site.    I am looking for local  male and female models with varying skin tones, ages and ethnicity for the head shots.

The Work Continues!

Work continues in the studio, and I'm still on schedule for a September 1st grand opening.    The photo is a little deceiving as it makes the wall look smaller, I think, than it really is.  The floor has yet to be added.  

Behind the wall is the storage area for all of the extra gear and yes...fur coats for my life as a teddy bear maker.  I won't give up the bears entirely,  but I will no longer take any custom orders.  I'll just be making some for relaxation to sell and give away.    There will also be a small office and costumes in the storage area for specialty shoots.

The shelving units will be installed next.  Speaking of specialty photo shoots ... over  the summer I will be shooting several themes as well as head shots to build my portfolio.    I am looking for local models who are willing to work for 2-3 hours in the studio or on location. This work will be paid, and all work is 'family friendly.'  If you're under 18, your parents are welcome to attend the shoot.   Dance, urban  and fairy tale are the themes that are up for grabs.  Interested?   Email me via the contact form on  the site at or call me at the contact number on the site.    I am looking for local  male and female models with varying skin tones, ages and ethnicity for the head shots.