Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In Honor of the Olympics

In honor of the Olympic Games,   I headed out to the Giant Gymnastics Club in Thunder Bay last Tuesday.  The model for my picture is Cassie Samec, a fabulous gymnast.  I also want to thank Jenn Nedgial for allowing us to use the facilities for this shoot.   
The photo of Cassie has been entered into Behind the Shutter Magazine's summer photo competition. The competition rules are that the photo must include three items: light, metal and the color red.   We captured all three with some hard light shining on the fire engine red hair and gym suit. The fiberglass rails of the bars are supported by red metal and silver metal brackets.  
Behind it all is Hurley ProBoard.   I LOVE this product and plan on using it for many of my future photos. The white side is beautiful in the studio when used with a white background for a reflective quality in dance photos.   The product is the first in a line of pro accessories from world renowned head shot photographer Peter Hurley in New York City.   It's maybe best described as a flexible plexi-glass panel that's a highly reflective white on one side and a semi reflective black on the other.  We used the black side to reflect the metal from the bars and to really make the chalk cloud from Cassie's hands pop.

To vote for this photo in the competition, please go to http://www.behindtheshutter.com/contest/    Click on the word VOTE and then vote for my photo, entitled 'Gold.'   It's on the first page (yay!) of 12, near the bottom.   A long way to go to reach the top,  but that's ok.  Your votes are most appreciated!

 Cassie On Bars:

Behind the scenes in the gym  with the setup and the Hurley ProBoard.

Congrats to the Canadian women's gymnastics team for qualifying in the overall competition for the first time in Olympic history!

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