Thursday, August 9, 2012

Night Falling ... Art Auction

On August 25th, the Thunder Bay Armoury and Willow Springs Creative Center will sponsor "Night Falling,"  a silent auction to raise the awareness of domestic violence in our community and to raise money for Victim Services. These great people are committed to compassionate, reliable victim centered services and care.  Works of art relate to domestic violence either negatively or positively and portray bringing the light out of the darkness.  These pieces will be BOLD and FIERCE!

So, with this theme in mind, last night we loaded up the van and drove over to Westfort for a photo shoot between rain showers.  It didn't look good for taking pictures, but at the last minute we decided to go for it.

This shoot was done with a minimal amount of gear, as my stuff was in my car, and my son had my car.  Hence there was a lot of improvisation done on the fly, including using the back of a big 'For Sale' sign as a reflector.

I had noticed this crazy, rusty antique sign in a back lane several months ago. It's an ad for Exquisite Form Lingerie.  The sign is all beat up, rusty and get this...had bullet holes in it.   It screamed 'perfect backdrop' for a strong young women choosing to be her own heroine.   The entire photo has a retro feel, but this could be any woman, in any time.   As the quote says, "Above all else, be the heroine of your own life."

This photo piece, entitled 'Empowered,'  will be available as a 16 X 20 metal print at the auction.  If you're attending, please bid generously for this great cause!

Thanks to Hannah Kranenburg for modelling for this photo, and thank you to Gary Walker of Mechanix Small Engine Repair for allowing us to shoot this piece at his business premises. Opening night for the art show is August 25 at 7 pm at the Thunder bay Armoury. Also sponsored by Willow Springs Creative Center.

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