Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Studio Construction Update

Wow...has it been HOT in the studio.   Work continues to progress, but the heat prompted me to buy a portable air conditioning unit to keep everyone working in there comfortable.  Works like a charm!

This past month we had Superior Electric in to upgrade the room's electrical and to give us more outlets for plugging in all those strobes, and curling irons, and the fridge etc etc.

Seems we're just a little behind the goal of opening on Sept 1st, and the end of September is looking more realistic.   Final taping and sanding has been done on the walls, and we're now ready to paint.  The shelving is up in our storage area, and all our supplies are neatly tucked away, giving the room a much airier feel.

Here are a few recent photos of the progress:

Here is the tree of life. This was painted by church youth when the room served as a Youth Meeting Room.  I really  liked this painting and contemplated keeping it, but alas, it too will be painted over soon.

Two views of the room:
This one is of the cyc wall. All that junk piled up against the corner:  All gone. Now neatly put away or trashed.
View of the studio entry and the divider wall  between the shooting area and the makeup stations.  This wall will also serve as a backdrop when completed.

More to come next week, with a major transformation!

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